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Open Results

Everyone knows that some results stay in lab books or computers and will never get published anywhere. Not necessarily because they are wrong or weak, but sometimes because they don't fit in a story one would like to publish. In the case of a PhD. thesis, the results eventually become available after a certain period of time and one can request access to it, and possibly cite it for their needs. Yet, the internet has changed everything. Therefore, when one thinks that the time has come, why not publish those results directly on a webpage, leaving other scientists the choice to cite this work or not, or comment on it?

Hoping to launch a new way of communicating and sharing scientific results that others will follow, I will post here from time to time some scientific results:

- that are part of studies that I have been author of and are not included in the published article for various reasons,

- or that cannot form an article on their own,

and could nevertheless be of interest to the scientific community of my field (RNA metabolism and gene expression) and beyond.

Besides, this initiative is not intended to present negative results only.

However, don't get me wrong.

The results presented here:

- will be properly credited to the people involved in the work,

- will remain property of the authors and hosting research laboratories,

- are not to be used without my explicit consent for any kind of usage (teaching activities, studies, academic research, nor commercial purposes).

If you wish to CITE these results (and I invite you to do so) in your scientific publication, you should get in contact with me and should use the proper citation system that I will set up, instead of the traditional "personal communication".

content to follow

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