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Research topics

My fields of research have always reflected my strong interest in gene expression, the biology of RNA in general, and their dysfunctions associated with human pathologies. The major steps allowing expression of a eukaryotic gene encoding a protein consist of:

Gene -> nuclear pre-mRNA synthesis and maturation into messenger RNA (mRNA) -> export to the cytoplasm -> translation into proteins.

cellule annotée

Cellular localization of messenger RNAs (mRNAs) in a human cell.  The pre-mRNA is synthesised in the nucleus from the DNA template (blue). After various biochemical modifications, the mature polyadenylated mRNA (red) is exported through the nuclear membrane to the cytoplasm to be translated into proteins. Ultimately, the mRNA, which constitutes a copy of the genetic information encoded in the nuclear DNA molecule, will be degraded in the cytoplasm after being translated.

My current research interests in the field of gene expression are:

Pre-mRNA 3'-end processing and its regulations

Nucleocytoplasmic mRNA transport in human cells